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A high-touch, personalized approach to authentic, impactful speaking

Businesses today are filled with well-trained, skilled professionals that often do not achieve the success they want. For many of these people it is not an issue of talent or opportunity, but presence – the ability to connect authentically with an audience and convey a compelling and impactful message. We believe the ability to effectively speak and connect with others relies upon the mastery of a set of skills: dynamic communication, critical thinking, non-verbal impact and social agility. This is the foundation of presence and the result is authentic, impactful speaking.

We work with businesses, nonprofits and individual professionals to help them be heard, stand out and show up with their best possible presence. All of our programs can be experienced as a group training in your organization or as individual training. The approach we use is based on theory testing, experimentation with communication tools and physicality -- how your body speaks. Our ideal client is someone who is ready to accelerate her or his career with focused, intense, personalized training in a supportive and experiential environment. We customize for you, solicit your feedback, test your assumptions and help you become the kind of communicator you want to be. This is our difference.

Our FOundation

Dynamic Communication


Non-Verbal Impact


We will help you understand the impact you can have as a speaker, how to read your audience and add value to what you are saying, conveying your ideas confidently and clearly.

We will help you better analyze and evaluate your thinking, challenge your assumptions, inferences and unconscious biases, before presenting to your audience.  We will help you use data effectively to create well-reasoned and reality based conclusions.

We will help you use non-verbal behavior to reinforce your message and convey confidence. About 70-80 percent of your communication is nonverbal.
You will learn how to use your non-verbal power to create a greater connection with people.

We will help you create opportunities for self-awareness that lead to self-regulation of behavior with your audience and enabling more influence of your ideas.

Meet the Team

Gitta Sivander

Gitta Sivander

Gitta is passionate about helping others be themselves at work and in life through authentic, inspiring and intentional communication. She is also the founder of PACE-Coaching which focuses on communication through Presence, Authenticity, Connection & Confidence and Expression. 

Shaye Dillon


Shaye is an experienced leadership consultant and organization development specialist working with high-tech, life sciences, biotech, nonprofits and service provider companies. Her business knowledge and expertise generate deeply focused, often long-term engagements that result in desired business outcomes with executives, their teams and companies.

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