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Gitta Sivander

Gitta Sivander is passionate about helping others be themselves at work and in life through authentic, inspiring and intentional communication. She is also the founder of PACE-Coaching which focuses on communication through Presence, Authenticity, Connection & Confidence and Expression. Gitta has been a communication coach since 2007. Her work includes her diverse international background in theatre, circus, dance, yoga, music, somatic movement therapy and education, movement analysis, physical therapy, NLP, Landmark Education and numerous in depth personal growth disciplines.

Gitta has shaped a unique inroad to combining body intelligence and leadership clarity in the workforce, which leaves her clients showing up in more profound and impactful ways, with a new ability to influence others.

Growing up with a severe and undetected hearing loss in Sweden and Germany has given Gitta exceptional skills of reading people’s nonverbal cues through body communication, since spoken language was not something she could rely on in her early years.

As a broadly experienced communication coach Gitta has worked with individuals and groups world wide. She is a true global citizen, having lived in 8 countries across 3 continents, always bringing her unique communication skills to new areas of application.

Gitta now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has worked with numerous companies and individual professionals.

Gitta has helped several speakers deliver inspiring TEDx talks, including TED Vancouncer and TED women talks.

Shaye Dillon, Ph.D.

Executive Coaching
Leadership Consulting
Organization Development

Shaye Dillon, Ph.D. is an experienced leadership consultant and organization development specialist working with high-tech, life sciences, biotech, nonprofits and service provider companies. Her business knowledge and expertise generate deeply focused, often long-term engagements that result in desired business outcomes with executives, their teams and companies. Incorporating a qualitative and quantitative data-driven approach to executive coaching, leadership development and strategy, Shaye achieves actionable results organizations can leverage to engage employees, improve performance, and achieve desired change.

Shaye has worked as an independent consultant in the San Francisco Bay area for 18 years, partnering with leading edge executive development and consulting firms. She is a former Professor in the College of Business, MBA Program at San Jose State University and the principal and founder of Shaye Dillon Consulting since 2001, combining the best of academic and corporate strategies to see blind spots and pitfalls busy executives can miss. Her clients have included: Apple, Microsoft, eBay, Tivo, Juniper, Marketo, Roche Diagnostics, Pharmatech, Biorad, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, the YWCA and the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

Shaye Dillon
Shaye Dillon